does orange sunkist soda have caffeine

Does Sunkist Have Caffeine? If So, How Much?

Many people associate caffeinated soda with the amount of caramel coloring in the soft drink, mistakenly thinking that sodas without caramel coloring are caffeine free. You may be surprised to learn that this isn’t true. If you’re wondering does Sunkist soda have caffeine, the answer is YES! Sunkist Orange soda contains caffeine. Sunkist soda contains […]

does ginger ale have caffeine

Does Ginger Ale Have Caffeine?

If you are concerned about your caffeine intake, you are likely trying to cut down on caffeinated drinks, like coffee and soft drinks. You may have been told that ginger ale is a good alternative and wondered if ginger ale has caffeine. The quick answer is: most ginger ale beverages are caffeine-free. However, some ginger […]

how much caffeine is in 3 shots of espresso

How Much Caffeine is in 3 Shots of Espresso?

Espresso is a concentrated coffee drink with a bold, full-bodied flavor. Water is pumped through the finely ground coffee beans at a high pressure to extract the flavor quickly and efficiently. Because the grounds-to-water ratio is lower, usually 1:2, it produces robust coffee with a dense foam on top. Espresso is brewed in 1-to-2-ounce servings, as […]

how much caffeine is in 4 shots of espresso

How Much Caffeine is in 4 Shots of Espresso?

Espresso is a very popular coffee drink that you can make at home with a specialized machine or buy at your favorite coffee shop. Many people love drinking multiple shots of espresso throughout the day, sometimes drinking as many as four or more. But many wonder: how much caffeine is in 4 shots of espresso? […]